Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pocket Schedule Sunday: 2009 Florida Marlins

I am doing Pocket Schedule Sunday almost every Sunday!

It has Jorge Cantu on the front. I like that. It has the promotions, my favorite is the Easter Egg hunt at Dolphis Stadium. It has the seating. It has the 2009 schedule. The home and away games have logos of the teams and are different colors for home and away. It's where you want to be!


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  2. glad you are already addicted to baseball cards at 8 years old Christian. it is a lifelong hobby that will always bring you great memories, plus you will never lose the thrill of opening new packs. i first started collecting in 1982, and every time i open a box of 1982 fleer, i have vivid memories of the first time i saw particular cards in that set. back then, it was all about Pete Rose. it took me all summer to finally get one of those out of a pack. i kind of lost touch with baseball card collecting through the 90s, college and first job. but got "bit" by the baseball card collecting bug again around 1999. the last 5 years i have mainly collected stars from the 60s, and unopened boxes from the 70s. i just finished a 1975 set, and i was looking through the cards and saw Ralph Garr. i saw how great his stats were on the back of the card, and wondered what happened to him and why i had never heard of him. so i searhced online and your dad was the only one who had good info on him. 1980 cards were the first "old" cards i ever got when i was about 10. i still remember one of my first 1980 cards was Roger Metzger. he had a neat name, and i like the card with him swinging the bat. good luck with your blog. phil